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Nowjs fails on install #195

chusb40 opened this Issue April 18, 2012 · 7 comments

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chusb40 Steve Wang Michael André Caribé

When I'm installing nowjs in my computer (Windows 7). I write "npm install now" and it just throws an error. There's a part where it is saying "npm ERR! node-proxy@0.5.2 install: 'make' "

I think the problem is that it is running
"npm install node-proxy"

and I think that it should be
"npm install nodejs-proxy"

PS:Sorry about my poor English but I'm from Spain

Steve Wang

Try installing from the windows branch here on github -- npm install should do what you want.

The problem is that node-proxy relies on a C++ extension, and so you generally can't install it without cygwin (or something -- I haven't used Windows for development in a while). In that branch, the binary's already compiled and ready to go.

meaku commented April 23, 2012

I had a similar problem, caused by a missing compiler..
I just installed the build-essentials and everything worked fine!

Steve Wang

Eh, not quite the same -- chusb40 seems to be on Windows as opposed to Linux.

Also, a bit has changed in Node in the past year (native Windows support, esp).

meaku commented April 23, 2012

I had this problem on linux, right..
But the first hint from @chusb40 is wrong.

chusb40 chusb40 closed this April 23, 2012

I have finally solve this issue by manually putting all the files in the nodejs modules folder. But I have also try to install nowjs on an other computer (also Windows 7) and I'm just getting exactly the same error.

chusb40 chusb40 reopened this April 23, 2012
Steve Wang

Um. Did the command I posted earlier work?

André Caribé

I get same problem on Mac OS X. For me it worked like this...

You need to install node-proxy before.

  1. Install node-gyp
  2. Download node-proxy zip file. See
  3. Use node-gyp do compile node-proxy. See
  4. Install now
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