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Nested arrays in cause deadlock #201

kylebalston opened this Issue · 1 comment

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It's possible that I'm misunderstanding NowJS, but I get a deadlock if I execute the following code. I reproduced this using version 0.8.1 of NowJS in the helloworld_server example. It works fine if I initialize the two-dimensional array in a normal variable and then assign to it.


var everyone = nowjs.initialize(server);
console.log("Starting..."); = new Array(3);
console.log(".");[0] = new Array(3);
console.log(".");[1] = new Array(3);
console.log(".");[2] = new Array(3);

Output is:



Preliminary debugging seems that setting an object property to an array results in unexpected behavior. Will fix later; I currently have intermittent internet access.

edit: perhaps it's only arrays initialized via the Array constructor. Behavior seems to be especially strange here: none of the properties are enumerable... until we set them manually. Huh.

I'd suggest for the time being just not using the single-integer-argument Array constructor, since that has really weird behavior (esp. in v8).

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