Automatically create minecraft recipe images
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Advanced Recipe Generator

Advanced Recipe Generator

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Please report any bugs to GitHUB:


This mod creates recipe images in the form

Sample Recipe

on start of minecraft.

It places the files into $minecraft-dir/recipes (usually AppData/.minecraft/recipes).

You can now easily use these generated recipe images on your own mods' wiki/website.


needs MinecraftForge

put it into "mods" folder and run minecraft.

If you add other mods and want to create recipe images for those too, simply run Minecraft. every "missing" recipe image will be generated.


AdvancedRecipeGenerator is open-source.

It is distributed under the terms of my Open Source License.

It grants rights to read, modify, compile or run the code.

It does NOT grant the right to redistribute this software or its modifications in any form, binary or source, except if expressively granted by the copyright holder.

  • Mod Packs: No this Mod is a developer only mod. You are not allowed to redistribute the mod inside a Mod Pack.

If you want to distribute a custom/modified arg build, you have to ask for permission first!