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Downsampling is the process of selecting a limited number of data points/events from a sample or gated population. The DownSample plugin creates a new downsample gate containing the selected subset of events, which can be used like any other gated subset or population node within FlowJo. Downsampling is often a necessary prerequisite to algorithmic calculations like t-Distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding (tSNE), as reducing the number of events fed into an algorithm decreases calculation speed and provides an output in less time.


The DownSample plugin is included with FlowJo v10.1r7 and later. Like all plugins, it requires that version or later to to run.

The DownSample plugin does not require the R programming language.

Installation Instructions

The DownSample plugin is included with FlowJo.

If you need to update or re-install DownSample, please see the Installing Plugins page for detailed information on how to obtain and set up FlowJo plugins.


For more detailed instructions on how to use DownSample, refer to the DownSample page on the FlowJo documentation site.