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T-Distributed Stochastic Neighbor Embedding (tSNE) is an algorithm for performing dimensionality reduction, allowing visualization of complex multi-dimensional data in fewer dimensions while still maintaining the structure of the data.


The tSNE plugin is included with FlowJo v10.1r7 and later. Like all plugins, it requires that version or later to run.

The tSNE plugin does not require the R programming language.

System Requirements

Note that the tSNE algorithm is computationally intensive, planning and preparing your data will save you time and computational resources. See the Practical Considerations heading on the tSNE page on the FlowJo documentation site for suggestions on how to use the algorithm efficiently.

Installation Instructions

The tSNE plugin is included with FlowJo.

If you need to update or re-install tSNE, please see the Installing Plugins page for detailed information on how to obtain and set up FlowJo plugins.


For further suggestions on how to get the most out of tSNE, refer to the tSNE page on the FlowJo documentation site.