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Release 4.0.7
A security vulnerability regarding Hostname verification was reported and fixed (SMACK-643)
See JIRA for a full list of fixed issues:
Release 4.0.6
See JIRA for a full list of fixed issues:
Release 4.0.5
See JIRA for a full list of fixed issues:
Release 4.0.4
See JIRA for a full list of fixed issues:
Release 4.0.3
See JIRA for a full list of fixed issues:
Release 4.0.2
See JIRA for a full list of fixed issues:
Release 4.0.1
See JIRA for a full list of fixed issues:
Release 4.0.0
See JIRA for a full list of fixed issues for (a)Smack 4.0:
Release 4.0.0-rc2
Many improvements. The API is considered stable. Now it is the perfect
time to test (a)Smack 4.0 if you haven't already.
Release 4.0.0-rc1
Includes all the changes of the 0.9-SNAPSHOT series
Release 0.9.0-SNAPSHOT
- Cleanup PrivacyList API
- Refactor AMP API
- Rename Connection to XMPPConnection
- IQReplyFilter fixes
- NPE fixes
- Bunch of improvements (SMACK-543, SMACK-538, SMACK-533, SMACK-71, SMACK-357, SMACK-541, SMACK-544, SMACK-53)
- Use correct namespace for MUC.getAdmins() SMACK-371
- PingManager should notify PingFailedlisteners only once SMACK-548
- Renamed XMPPConnection to TCPConnection
- Removed non-SASL auth code
- Minor bugfixes
- Use upstream with extended PingManager
- Use upstream Smack repository
Release 0.8.10
- SMACK-540: Use WeakReference in MUC NodeInformationProvider
Release 0.8.9
- SMACK-463: catch and log exceptions in packet listeners
Release 0.8,9beta4
- Fixed entity caps hash calculation
Release 0.8.9beta3
- Fixed XEP-184 delivery receipts in aSmack
Release 0.8.9beta2
- SMACK-361 Minor EntityCapsManager fixes
- SMACK-462 Use getInstace() ConnectionCreationListener
Release 0.8.9beta1
- SMACK-403 Fixed connectionCreationListener for CarbonManager, prevents duplicate CarbonManagers for the same connection instance
- Minor ping manger fixes
Release 0.8.8
- SMACK-339 Allow ConnectionListeners to be added before Connection is connected. Currently throws exception
Release 0.8.7
- SMACK-459 actually add the defaultIdentity to the result of getIdentities()
- SMACK-459 Make it user proof by returning an unmodifiable set again
Release 0.8.6
- Added support for SASL EXTERNAL to aSmack
Release 0.8.6beta3
- SMACK-461 Remove incorrect deprecated marker for DiscoverInfo.Identity.setType()
- SMACK-460 ServiceDiscoveryManager constructor usage in connectionCreated()
- SMACK-459 Add option to configure the default identity in ServiceDiscoveryManager
Release 0.8.6beta2
- SMACK-443 remove duplicate notifyReconnection()
- SMACK-373 Don't remove listeners after a disconnect() , keep state of Connection between disconnect() and connect()/login()
Release 0.8.6beta
- SMACK-458 Managers should be kept on disconnects
- SMACK-411 ServiceDiscoveryManager identities should be non-static and kept in a Set to allow multiple identities as per XEP-0030
- SMACK-457 Remove unnecessary printStackTrace() in XMPPConnection
Release 0.8.5
- SMACK-456 Added the causing exception to exceptions throw by XMPPConnection
- SMACK-444 Allow 'null' for options in ServerTrustManager
- SMACK-452 Correctly parse stream error packets
Release 0.8.4
- SMACK-455 Fixed improper advance of parser when parsing multiple items in a pubsub message.
- Removed duplicate rosterInitialized=true block in RosterResultListener. This block already exists in RosterPacketListener.
- Update NS server code in dnsjava
Release 0.8.3
- SMACK-369 remove try/catch block in XMPPConnection.connect()
- SMACK-439 Improve documentation for MultiUserChat.InvitationsListener
- SMACK-430 Re-activated code that throws an exception if createOutgoingFileTrans
fer() was called with a bare JID
- SMACK-384 Don't use a semaphore while waiting for PacketReader to be started.
- SMACK-361 Changed default for filename encoding to Base 32 (which should work on all file systems) and added a Base 64 filename and url safe implementation of the StringEncoder.
- SMACK-438 Avoid NPE when the weak reference is null. Add InvitationsMonitor as
strong reference within getInvitationsMonitor and return it within the block so it
can't get gc'ed between put() and get()
Release 0.8.2
- Removed the whitespace ping code SMACK-412
- SMACK-419 PacketWriter: Only flush the BufferedWriter if the packet queue is empty
- SMACK-417 If both PacketReader and PacketWriter fail at the same time, connectionClosedonError() is called two times
- The default ping intervall is now configured in seconds and not milliseconds
- Improved 'caps' XEP-0115 support
- Fixes an NPE in 0.8.1
Release 0.8
- First release to test the release process