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Load the static blocks of some classes #8

Flowdalic opened this Issue July 20, 2012 · 2 comments

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Florian Schmaus
Florian Schmaus

Smack expects some some classes to be loaded on startup so that the classe's static blocks can be evaluated. We need to add theses classes to the (and maybe rename it, since the name wouldn't be appropriate any more). The classes in case are here

A jive forum post about the problem can be found here:

Florian Schmaus

According to we should use the full form of forName() to load and init the static blocks of the classes in case.

Florian Schmaus

Closed with 69fff04

Florian Schmaus Flowdalic closed this July 26, 2012
Thomas Birke quafzi referenced this issue from a commit in quafzi/gtalksms July 27, 2012
Florian Schmaus Updated aSmack
with fix for aSmack issue 8
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