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The XMPP file transfer process is sophisticated and therefore complex. This is due the fact that XMPP is extensible, which means various methods (XEPs) are defined to transfer a file from one entity (user) to another. In order to find the reason for your file transfer problem you may have to

The relevant XEPs for Smacks file transfer feature are:

We can't help with issues about XMPP file transfer if they don't contain a solution or at least on idea what could be wrong! Given that XMPP is an open standard, everyone can look up what's going wrong in means of the protocol that both parties (sender, server, receiver) have agreed upon. If you find deviation from the standard in Smack, any report is highly appreciated.

Please note that aSmack file transfer issues are usually Smack file transfer issues and should be reported upstream, if you found the root cause.

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