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Flat Earth

A python-based NoCMS which produces flat HTML sites from Markdown files and directory structure.


I spend a lot of my time in the command line so producing content via a repository and git is much quicker and easier than logging into a Wordpress site and editing there. Plus there's the history of the article in the commit messages for transparency.


  • Get git file history and write into opened aside file - In progress
  • Iterate through all folders in documents for markdown files
  • Navigation? I didn't even consider that when I started
  • Get links for images to process from md, not to go through the documents folder for them - this will save on cycles and we can also then iterate through the output html for each element at the same time, only writing in the necessary picture sources
  • Work out what to do with images. Currently I'm looking at imagemagick or gd-image Pillow to convert them to three sizes for a element (note: this is done now but needs to be abstracted to make it more useful and efficient)
  • Add support for galleries and figures/figcaptions etc - my current thoughts are that it will be any images immediately following a ### gallery (Which I think is h3)
  • Check if the remote the docs come from are ssh or https then edit the diff link accordingly
  • Add support for video and audio - this is not going to be easy but I guess I can do a check for file extension after a !(alt)[url]
  • Add githook for pulling changes to a server and running app - I need to research this more

Setting Up

I've been developing using virtualenv and suggest you do the same whilst the app becomes more stable and the dependencies stop changing.

$pip install virtualenv

$pip install -r requirements.txt

$cd output/

$python flatearth.py

If you have not edited the general.ini then it will generate files for the site in the 'output' folder