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This repo holds the content for and some tools to help you work on the site locally.


If you want to contribute, first fork the repo at GitHub. Then clone your fork and the official CodingDojo template:

git clone

# themes are on a separate project that you need to clone too (don't worry, it's in the `.gitignore` for this repo)
git clone themes/template-hugo-codingdojo

This site works with Hugo static site generator which you can either install locally or use through the provided Dockerfile.

Using Hugo locally

Note that the current version of Hugo (0.34 as of this writing) seems to have problems with the way the content is laid out in this repo. Older versions (like 0.26 in the Docker image) work fine.

# serve local files with live-reload
hugo server -w

Open your browser on http://localhost:1313 and start your favorite editor!

Using Hugo from the Dockerfile

Assuming you have Docker installed, you build an image and run it:

docker build -t codingdojo .
docker run -p 1313:1313 --rm -it -v $(pwd):/site codingdojo hugo server -w --bind

You only need to build the image once.

Open your browser on http://localhost:1313 and start your favorite editor!

Special notes


By default the engine will take the first 70s words of some content and use it as a summary. If you want to specify the summary part of your content, you just have to add this comment within your markdown content to define where the summary stops (from the beginning):


(exactly like this, without spaces around more)


If you have an old page here (for your dojo, for yourself in people, etc) and want it to be removed without having to clone/install, just open an issue and ask for the removal. Other option, make a Pull Request.