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Do you like emitting? Do you need it? FluentIL is an emitting helper library that can help you.

This is a community project, free and open source. Everyone is invited to contribute, fork, share and use the code. No money shall be charged by this software, nor it will be. Ever.

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If you are looking for some Mono.Cecil integration, please check FluentIL.Cecil project.


FluentIL is avaiable on Nuget

Install-Package FluentIL

Getting and building the code

To build the source code:

git clone
cd FluentIL
nuget restore

Be happy!

Hello World

If you want to create a new assembly...

var assembly = IL.NewAssembly("hello.exe");
var program = assembly.WithType("Program");
var main = program.WithStaticMethod("Main");

    .WriteLine("Hello World from FluentIL!")


A dynamic method...

var dm = IL.NewMethod()

    .Ldarg("a", "b")

var result = dm.Invoke(2, 2);

Why FluentIL is amazing!?

With FluentIL you don't need to think how to write complex conditionals and loops just with jumps and comparisons. FluentIL encapsulates all the complexity with high level abstractions.


var dm = IL.NewMethod()
    .WithParameter(typeof(int), "a")


    .WithVariable(typeof(int), "i")
    .WithParameter(typeof(int), "number")
    .For("i", 2, "number/2")


var t = IL.WithMethod("IsPrime")
    .If("number<=1", @then: m => m
    .Stloc(2, "i")
    .While("i <= number/2", @do: m => m
        .If("(number%i)==0", @then: b => b


var t = IL.WithMethod("IsPrime")
    .If("number<=1", @then: m => m
    .Stloc(2, "i")
    .Until("i > number/2", @do: m => m
        .If("(number%i)==0", @then: b => b


Questions, comments, bug reports, and pull requests are all welcome. Bug reports that include steps-to-reproduce (including code) are preferred. Even better, make them in the form of pull requests. Before you start to work on an existing issue, check if it is not assigned to anyone yet, and if it is, talk to that person.

Pull request

If you wrote something that you would like to share, please create a pull request.

You have to do that in the command line:

# add the main repo with the `fluentil` name
git remote add fluentil
# checkout the master branch
git checkout master
# download the latest changes from the master repo
git pull fluentil master
# go back to your working branch
git checkout <youbranchname>
# integrate your changes
git merge master
# solve integration conflicts

You can solve the conflicts in your favorite text editor, or, if you are using Visual Studio, you can use it as well. Visual Studio actually presents the conflict in a very nice way to solve them. Also, on the go back to your working branch step you can go back to using Visual Studio to control git, if you prefer that.

If you know git well, you can rebase your changes instead of merging them. If not, it is ok to merge them. When your changes are up to date with the master branch then you should push them to your Github repo and then you will be able to issue a pull request and mention the issue you were working on. Make your PR message clear. If when you are creating the pull request on Github it mentions that the PR cannot be merged because there are conflicts it means you forgot to integrate the master branch. Correct that push the changes to your personal repo. This will automatically update the PR. The project maintainers should not have to resolve merge conflicts, you should.

After your pull request is accepted you may delete your local branch if you want. Update your master branch so you can continue to contribute in the future. And thank you! :)

If your pull request is denied try to understand why. It is not uncommon that PRs are denied but after some discussing and fixing they are accepted. Work with the community to get it to be the best


Why boring write a clone method again?!

private static Func<T, T> GenerateConventionalCloner<T>()
    var type = typeof (T);

    var method = IL.NewMethod()
        .WithParameter(type, "source")
        .WithVariable(type, "result")


    foreach (var field in type.GetAllFields())


    return (Func<T, T>) method.AsDynamicMethod.CreateDelegate(typeof(Func<T, T>));


This software is open source, licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0. See LICENSE.txt for details. Check out the terms of the license before you contribute, fork, copy or do anything with the code. If you decide to contribute you agree to grant copyright of all your contribution to this project, and agree to mention clearly if do not agree to these terms. Your work will be licensed with the project at Apache V2, along the rest of the code.

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