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- Selenium upgrade to 2.48.2
- JavaDoc extension - descriptions & typos
- New maintainers came on board :)
- fix - #173 getDriver and getSearch are used by any method in just to make override of this methods
- fix #137 - User can refer to the list of FluentWebElements on FindBy usage - Fluent class requires to have new
methods implemented so please be aware that can potentially break compatibilities
- fix #151 - find method can only use filter argument
- fix #159 - Add capacity to create page with parameters
- fix #138 - documentation error - visible instead of enabled
- improve when using firefox and a path starting with /
- fix #100 - fix FluentWait to use Fluent instead FluentWait<WebDriver> (so await.until(Function) and await.until(Predicate) have changed
- fix #113 - input type="file" now working
- fix #96 - TestNg default firefox browser not closing
- Enable subclasses/delegates of FluentWebElement to be injected
- Add fluentlenium-assertJ and deprecate fluentlenium-festassert (festassert is not active anymore)
- update to selenium 2.41
- update to selenium 2.36
- add alert() to handle alert event
- add hasId() and hasClass()
- update to selenium 2.35.0
- update to selenium 2.33.0
- add cucumber jvm
- new fill for Select : fillSelect("#select").withValue("value-1") // withText // withId
- createPage is now accessible in child of FluentPage
- fix @Page annotation available on another @Page
- adding new error message when trying to take a screenshot and driver doesn t support it
- @Page annotation available on another @Page
- Adding @SharedDriver.SharedType.ONCE,@SharedDriver.SharedType.PER_METHOD,@SharedDriver.SharedType.PER_CLASS for junit and testng
- adding withClass filter
- moving to selenium 2.32.0
- adding containsWord filter
- quit now do a check to avoid NPE
- package testng to fluentlenium-festassert
-moving to selenium 2.31.0
-moving to selenium 2.30.0
-don't package test dependencies
-Add support for @Page in test superclass
-moving to selenium 2.29.0
- moving to selenium 2.27.0
- add getDefaultBasedUrl thanks to James Roper
-add withDefaultPageWait, withDefaultSearchWait, getDefaultConfig
- moving to selenium 2.25.0
- add an html function to get underlying html content thanks to Guillaume Balaine and Cedric Gourlay
- add a doubleClick feature
- add the containsText feature when waiting
- add IsolatedTest
- add wait until page is loaded feature
- add wait until page is at feature
- make the api fluent, you can now chain methods
If you want to wait that the page you want is the page you are, you can use :
await().atMost(5, TimeUnit.SECONDS).untilPage(myPage).isAt();
- ISSUE-8 : find return a FluentList<FluentWebElement>
- ISSUE-26 : Polish pollingEvery features
- ISSUE-22 : Fix bug on hasAttribute
- ISSUE-21 : use @BeforeMethod instead of @BeforeTest
- Add methods on fest assert : hasText, hasNotText, hasSize
- ISSUE-28 : Add custom message when await fail
- add @AjaxElement : wait for element to be found on a page context
- add snapshot for junit
- update to selenium 2.21
v 0.5.5
- Adding eq ne le lt ge gt to the asynchronous api m thanks to Cecile Hui Bon Hoa and Khanh Tuong Maudoux
- Change on maven structure
- Adding first draft of the testNG extension
- Provide an adapter to simplify extension of the framework
v 0.5.4
- Migration to org.fluentlenium
- update to selenium 2.16.1
v 0.5.3
- fix bugs notStartsWith and notEndsWith
- deprecated the withXXX(Matcher) syntax. Use now withXXX().+convenientMethods
- add asynchronous call await
v 0.5.2 :
FluentLenium FestAssert :
- add page fest assert assertions
FluentLenium Core :
- no NPE if driver is null
- update to selenium java 2.12
- add automatic proxied instance on FluentWebElement inside a page
- moving matcher construction from FilterConstructor to MatcherConstructor
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