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RimWorld Mod Linker

This is the home of Teddy. Teddy is a helpful bot who frequents a number of RimWorld related reddits, and after a few seconds, he'll come back and post links to the mods he found. Hopefully that will be the mods you were looking for. Helpfully, he'll also post a link to the search results he found, so you can always pick up where Teddy left off.

Teddy is heavily inspired by the FactorioModPortalBot by /u/michael________, and the Python For Engineers Build a Reddit Bot articles. Teddy wouldn't have been quite such a joy to make without PRAW.

Where can I find Teddy?

Teddy frequents these reddits;

How do I ask Teddy to fetch me a link?

See the commands document.

How can I help make Teddy better?

You can leave suggestions, bug reports and other correspondence for Teddy here.

If you're half-decent with python (2.7*), have a good idea, and are willing to spend the time to code it out and create a pull request, I'll be more than happy to accept it.

Teddy drinks a lot of coffee, enjoys the occasional whisky and his girlfriend could murder salty caramel fudge. If you're feeling so inclined, you could help me keep a nice stock of the above mentioned goodies...

Buy Me a Coffee

*: Why not 3, you ask? Well, because I didn't realise I only had 2.7 installed locally, and wouldn't really know the difference between 2 and 3 if it hit me in the face. I just fix them syntax errors until it (mostly) does what I want.