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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Design Pattern Editor

An editor for Animal Crossing: New Horizons design patterns.

This software only works with hacked switchs and in combination with JKSV to export your device saves, edit them with this tool and reimport them after that.

It's planned however to create an own hombrew app to transfer your savegame directly via USB/Network to the tool and vice versa.

Features which are already working:

  • Loading the savegame and showing all of your design patterns.
  • Cloning of design patterns
  • Swapping of design patterns
  • Deleting design patterns
  • Importing a picture (png, gif, jpg, bmp, webp) as design pattern with different color quantization algorithms etc.
  • Importing ACNL, ACNH and QR codes.
  • Edit patterns with a lot of tools. Editing is happening in 32-bit and can be quantized to your liking.
  • Edit pattern supports layering and importing smart objects (images).
  • Support for full 24-bit colors. (of course you are still limited to a palette of 15 colors)
  • Supports transparency.
  • Save your designs as project files (keeping all layers).
  • Exporting a picture (as png, gif, jpg, bmp) to share it with others
  • Exporting a design as QR code (only legacy designs work)
  • Full support for pro designs (including legacy 3DS designs like the horned cap)
  • Preview of patterns in 3D.
  • Of course saving your savegame.
  • Windows and Mac support. (Linux comes soon)

Features which are planned:

  • Add pattern sharing inside the app
  • Create a NRO hombrew to transfer the savegame without manual work required.

Get in contact

To get in contact with me you can join the discord server here: Discord


Special thanks to Cuyler36 for MyHorizons