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Custom twitch bot that identifies StarCraft II Co-op mutators, and supports twitch integration into the game.
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Post on my site:

  • Basic bot stuff - configurable responses
  • Indentifies mutators that are being played and posts the in the chat
  • Calculates mutation difficulty score and equivalent Brutal+ difficulty and posts it into the chat


  • Post game summary


  • Game integration into my [MM] maps. You can affect the game with several supported commands (!join, !message, !spawn, !mutator, !resources).


Mutator identification would need to be modified to work at different resolutions and screen aspect ratios. I added a lightweight version that supports only basic bot functionality and twitch intergration into my maps.

How to use the lightweight bot

  1. Create a twitch account for the bot
  2. Get twich API oauth key for the bot (
  3. Download the config file and .exe (or python script and run/compile it yourself).
  4. Change channel name, bot name, oauth key, bank locations (and optionally responses) in the config file.
  5. Run the bot while playing

Commands for the streamer:

  • !gm → enables partial game integration (!join, !message). But it's on by default already.
  • !gm full → enables full game integration (!mutator, !spawn, !resources)
  • !gm stop → disables all game integration

Editing responses:

  • You add or remove them as you wish (except "RESPONSE", removing that one might throw an error)
  • For example if you add SNOW = It's snowing!, if someone writes "!snow", the bot will say "It's snowing!"
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