@derselbst derselbst released this Aug 17, 2018

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Release candidate of fluidsynth 2.0.0 as it is expected to be released in mid September. For more details refer to the mailing list:


@derselbst derselbst released this Jul 12, 2018 · 20 commits to master since this release

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Second beta release of fluidsynth 2.0: Adds missing accessor functions to the soundfont loader API, fluid_synth_process() received a new (real) implementation and the ramsfont API has beed removed. For further information please refer to the mailing list:


@derselbst derselbst released this May 20, 2018 · 84 commits to master since this release

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First beta release of fluidsynth 2.0, for further information please refer to the mailing list:

@derselbst derselbst released this May 6, 2018 · 3 commits to 1.1.x since this release

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  • fix pkgconfig file for absolute paths (#347, thanks to @krop)
  • add a cmake option for OSS support (#350, thanks to @Ne01eX)
  • fix broken enable-midishare cmake option
  • fix double free in fluid_midi_router (#352, thanks to @fulinux)
  • prevent malicious soundfonts from causing buffer overflows (#354, thanks to @mawe42)
  • avoid SF3 files to be loaded incorrectly (#354, thanks to @mawe42)
  • fix an endless loop in fast file renderer (#367)

@derselbst derselbst released this Feb 25, 2018 · 17 commits to 1.1.x since this release

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Bug Fixes

  • avoid a buffer overrun when loading malformed soundfonts (#327)
  • fix synth.default-soundfont returning incomplete path (#332)
  • improve reliability of fluid_is_soundfont() (thanks to Orcan Ogetbil)
  • minor cmake adjustments for MSVC builds to enable building fluidsynth as vcpkg package (#333, #339, thanks to @stekyne)
  • fix build issues against statically built fluidsynth library on all OSs (#341)
  • cmake: prevent double usage of LIB_SUFFIX and LIB_INSTALL_DIR

New Features

  • include windows version info in libfluidsynth.dll (#216, thanks to @harborsiem)
  • enable jack midi driver to support more than 16 midi channels (#326)
  • enable fluidsynth to be set up as systemd user service (#66, #342, thanks to @dvzrv)

@derselbst derselbst released this Jan 4, 2018 · 36 commits to 1.1.x since this release

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Bug Fixes

  • fix building the portaudio driver on Windows (thanks to @ReinholdH)
  • fix build if no MIDI drivers are available (thanks to @carlo-bramini)
  • fix return value of fluid_file_set_encoding_quality() (thanks to @ReinholdH)
  • fix use-after-free in fluid_timer
  • fix memory leak in pulseaudio driver
  • fix memory leak in rvoice_mixer (thanks to @mawe42)
  • fix dumptuning shell command displaying uninitialized values (thanks to @rmattes)
  • fix a resource leak in source shell command (thanks to @carlo-bramini)
  • harmonize fluidsynth's output library naming with autotools on Windows (#271, thanks to @fabiangreffrath)
  • dont set LIB_SUFFIX when building with MinGW (#281, thanks to @fabiangreffrath)
  • avoid a possible deadlock when initializing fluidsynths DLL on windows (#269, #286, thanks to @carlo-bramini and @jjceresa)
  • avoid a buffer overrun when mixing effects channels in fluid_synth_nwrite_float() (#287)
  • correctly clean up fluid_server on Windows (#304, thanks to @carlo-bramini)

New Features

  • implement handling of FLUID_SEQ_ALLSOUNDSOFF events in fluid_seq_fluidsynth_callback()
  • support for registering audio drivers based on actual needs (#218)

@derselbst derselbst released this Oct 13, 2017 · 108 commits to 1.1.x since this release

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Minor maintenance release to address some issues introduced in 1.1.7:

  • fix build against glib < 2.30 (#202)
  • fix dsound audio driver on windows (#215)
  • fix a bug around setting, which caused improper multi-channel rendering (#225)
  • cmake >= 3.0.2 is now required
  • compilation with clang is now possible
  • build fixes on OS/2 (thanks to @komh)

@derselbst derselbst released this Feb 12, 2018 · 134 commits to 1.1.x since this release

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This is mainly considered to be a maintenance release, although it brings a few new features, see below. Note that this is expected to be the last release to ship the deprecated and unmaintained autotools build system! Make sure you check out how to build fluidsynth using CMake.

Bug fixes

  • consistently relicense libfluidsynth under LGPL-2.1+ (also addressing fluid_chorus.c, #165)
  • fluid_synth_set_channel_type() was not exported properly
  • introduce visibility control of exported functions (ee54995)
  • Avoid memory allocation on program change
  • fix calculations for modulators (#194)
  • fix SysEx parsing issues (#127, #148, thanks to Erik Ronström and Stas Sergeev)
  • fix mangling with illegal sample loops, causing audible glitches (#171, #149, thanks to @mawe42)
  • fix inverse logic of audio.jack.multi option (#135)
  • fix channel fine tune RPN to use correct range (#187, thanks to @mawe42)
  • fix timing problems when changing the sequencers scale from a callback event (#195, thanks to @imhcyx)
  • workaround incorrectly rendered audio when requesting more than 64 frames from fluid_synth_write_*() (#192)
  • adjust ALSA MIDI port type (#139)
  • avoid voice_count becoming negative (#151, thanks to Jean-Jacques Ceresa)
  • avoid notes with a fixed key generator playing forever (#159)
  • avoid TCP/IP connections from closing in an undefined manner (b75c8fd)
  • a lot of memory leaks, NULL dereferences and SegFaults (thanks to Surabhi Mishra)
  • fix build
    • if EPIPE == ESTRPIPE (#133)
    • for mingw32 by checking for inet_ntop() (#132)
    • having lash support enabled
    • for > VS2015 (#189, thanks to @stekyne)

New Features

  • add support of vorbis-compressed sf3 sound fonts (#140, thanks to @fabiangreffrath)
  • add sostenuto pedal to the synth (#47, #134, thanks to Jean-Jacques Ceresa)
  • add vbr quality when encoding with libsndfile
  • re-implement routing reverb and chorus to distinct buffers in fluid_synth_nwrite_float() (#135)
  • add IPv6 support to socket API (#124)
  • add default soundfont setting: synth.default-soundfont
  • add synth.lock-memory setting
  • allow sampledata sharing between different FluidSynth instances (thanks to @kmatheussen)

New API calls

  • channel, key, velocity and state getter for fluid_voice_t
  • tempo, bpm, total length and currentBeat getter for fluid_player (#190, thanks to @quiasmo)

@derselbst derselbst released this Jun 24, 2017

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  • Handle MIDI End of track events, ticket #100 (Matt Giuca)
  • Prevent broken rendering after an voice overflow, ticket #99 (diwic)
  • Enable long arguments where available (plcl)
  • Windows: Install fluidsynth.pc (pkg-config spec), ticket #101 (plcl)
  • Mac OS X Lion: Fix build failure, ticket #104 (twobits)
  • Linux: Prevent libdbus crash (diwic)

Test results from the FluidSynth tester program

Test Case

S Christian Collins
SoundFont compatibility: Proper rendering of modulators, etc

S Christian Collins
Voice stealing logic

S Christian Collins
Reverb and chorus

Sven Meier
Windows build (using mingw-w64)

Sven Meier
OS X build

Bernd Casper
jOrgan setup

Aere Greenway
QSynth setup

Aere Greenway
Low memory and slow CPU environment

Matt Giuca
Linux build (using Ubuntu)

Matt Giuca
Fast rendering

Matt Giuca
FluidSynth as backend to DOSBox

Sep 4, 2011
Prepare for 1.1.5 release