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List of applications using FluidSynth

  • - automatic AI based music generation site that pulls influence from example music.
  • ANMP - multi-channel, loop-able video game music player for audiophiles and nerds
  • Denemo - front end for LilyPond music typesetter.
  • eplayOrgan - Windows, Mac and Linux multipurpose organ.
  • fluid~ - SoundFont external for Pd and Max/MSP by Frank Barknecht (is now distributed with FluidSynth).
  • FluidGUI - graphical front end for FluidSynth by Ken Ellinwood.
  • FluidPi - Headless synth for Raspberry Pi. So minimal it works from console, controlled using a web server written in bash!
  • Fluidsynth-DSSI - DSSI front end for FluidSynth.
  • FluidSynthGUI - windows software sampler based on FluidSynth engine. Select your midi input device, assign sound fonts to channels, and play!
  • fluidXtra - Xtra (Adobe Director plugin) providing FluidSynth and more to Director (MacOSX and Windows), by Antoine Schmitt.
  • Gluid - mini FluidSynth front end for the system tray.
  • jOrgan - java virtual organ utilizing FluidSynth for pipe sound generation.
  • juicysfplugin - macOS AU/VST plugin + standalone app for rendering MIDI input through soundfont. JUCE framework.
  • KMid - featured KDE4 MIDI/karaoke player.
  • LMMS - free and open-source cross-platform digital audio workstation.
  • MidiEditor - midi editor for Linux.
  • MidiGurdy - Electronic musical instrument (hurdy-gurdy) using FluidSynth as internal synthesizer
  • MonAMI - universal sensor framework, with a FluidSynth reporting plugin.
  • MusE - Linux Music Editor by Werner Schweer, a multi-track sequencer and audio application.
  • MuseScore - free music composition & notation software.
  • PianoBooster - MIDI File Player that teaches you how to play the piano.
  • pygame - multi media library for the python language. Uses fluidsynth to play midi music, mostly on linux.
  • Radium - music editor inspired by the tracker interface.
  • QSynth - Qt front end for FluidSynth brought to you by Rui Capela.
  • Quote2Note - Translates stock quotes into musical notes.
  • ScoreDate - open source software written in Java that helps musicians to learn music reading and ear training.
  • ScummVM - program which allows you to run certain classic graphical point-and-click adventure games.
  • SoundFont-Midi-Player - Android MIDI player app with fast switching of SoundFont files.
  • Swami - collection of software projects for editing and sharing instruments by Josh Green (also the current maintainer of FluidSynth).
  • The Miditzer - computer program for PC's that lets you recreate a Wurlitzer Style 216 theater organ.
  • TuxGuitar - multi-track guitar tablature editor and player that supports many tablature file formats.
  • VLC - highly portable multimedia player for various audio and video formats.
  • VMPK & FluidSynth - virtual MIDI Piano Keyboard with FluidSynth for MeeGo Harmattan devices (Nokia N9 and N950).
  • Z-Maestro - Windows application which aims to be similar to Apple Garageband by Zachary Northrup.

Feel free to add your application to this page if it uses FluidSynth.

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