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FluidTYPO3: Site Kickstarter

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EXT:site is a fire-and-forget install helper which when installed will install every standard FluidTYPO3 dependency - and when "deployed", creates the pages, mount points, TypoScript and configuration you need to run a FluidTYPO3-based site.

Usage instructions

Usage is extremely simple:

  1. Download and install this extension (we recommend you do that from TER).
  2. Click the title of the extension to enter the extension configuration.
  3. Enter a few key details about how you want your site kickstarted.
  4. Save, or save and close, the extension configuration.

After which EXT:site completely destroys itself in order to prevent accidentally generating duplicate setups. To kickstart another site in the same TYPO3 installation simply re-download EXT:site and perform the steps again (with a new and different Provider Extension key, of course).

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