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Thomas-Otavio Peulen edited this page Jul 16, 2019 · 5 revisions

Welcome to the ChiSurf wiki!

ChiSurf is an interactive software to preprocess raw fluorescence decay and to design, construct, and sample user-specified fluorescene models by sampling the possible solution space given the provided experimental data.

Bugs and features should be submitted through the "issues" tab above, and general discussion is encouraged through the google user group


16. July 2019

ChiSurf is now available for Linux users as a Linux platform agnostic snap

Get it from the Snap Store

10. July 2019

Uploaded an updated Version of ChiSurf that improves on the FRET biased conformational sampling of protein structures. The graphical user interface presenting the movemap (the map that is used to decide on which amino-acid is moved on each Monte Carlo iteration) was improved by highlighting the movemap on a 3D representation of the protein without user interaction.


For questions and feature requests please create a new topic in the following group:

Google groups


When using ChiSurf to analyze fluorescence decays please cite J. Phys. Chem. B2017121358211-8241