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Version 0.10.4 is now available.


  • Hardcoded the mainnet ip list that gets passed around to fix synching issues.
  • Created new testnet ( new port: 65522 ) for future development / testing.
  • Fixed minor branding, still much to be done.
  • Build fixes - gitian building issues sorted for windows building.

There is still alot of work to be done towards fixing the branding on the files, including but not limited to the windows installer. But this update is the start to a better future for unobtanium!

Future plans involve More build fixes, Updates on more documentation, Segwit, Lightning network and much more, Stay Tuned!

To aid any more development please donate hesitate to donate:


These files may not last too long here, but for now you can get the windows binaries from:

Installer Files:

Compact Files ( No installer ):

Compiled from this source: