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Platform Widgets

Flutter Dart

A Flutter plugin for Platform specific widgets.


To use this plugin, add platform_widgets as a dependency in your pubspec.yaml file.

Available Widgets

  • PlatformApp returns CupertinoApp when iOS and MaterialApp when Android.

  • PlatformTheme's ios property returns CupertinoThemeData and android property returns ThemeData.

  • PlatformScaffold returns CupertinoPageScaffold when iOS and Scaffold when Android.

  • PlatformBar returns NavigationBar when iOS and AppBar when Android.

  • PlatformButton returns CupertinoButton when iOS and FlatButton when Android.

  • PlatformSwitch returns CupertinoSwitch when iOS and Switch when Android.

  • PlatformSlider returns CupertinoSlider when iOS and Slider when Android.

  • PlatformIndicator returns CupertinoActivityIndicator when iOS and CircularProgressIndicator when Android.

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