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Install the dependencies with npm install

You will also need a running Postgres database.

Running the server

The server needs the following environment variables set:

  • SMTP_URL: Address for connecting to your SMTP server, including username and password as needed (example: smtp://localhost)
  • DATABASE_URL: Connection details for the Postgres database (example: postgres://postgres:@localhost/fluxfail)
  • APP_URL: URL where the client app is available (example:
  • JWT_SECRET: Secret string used for creating and validating client authentication tokens
  • PORT: The port you want the API server to listen on (example: 80)

Prepare the database with npm run migrate.

Then the server can be started with npm start.

Building the client

To build the client app, you need to first set an environment variable:

  • API_URL: URL where the server will be running (example:

Then build the client app with npm run build

The client can be served with npm run client.