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Fluxpoint Development

Fluxpoint Development offers many Discord services and software with high-quality public bots, Windows apps and an api/gallery for bot devs.


  1. MultiRPC MultiRPC Public

    A Discord rich presence manager app with a cool GUI and support for custom status and multiple profiles

    C# 243 21

  2. RevoltSharp RevoltSharp Public

    A C# lib for using the revolt chat API and connecting to the gateway to get events.

    C# 13 2

  3. HomePlusPlus HomePlusPlus Public

    Lightweight and customizable home page to enhance your browsing experience and daily usage with your own links, background, theme and other settings.

    JavaScript 4

  4. fluxpoint-sharp fluxpoint-sharp Public

    C# 2

  5. AuthentikSharp AuthentikSharp Public

    A client lib for Authentik to get information.

    C# 3

  6. PrivateBinSharp PrivateBinSharp Public

    C# PrivateBin API client for programs and automation!



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