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The Drosophila anatomy and development ontologies are released under Creative Commons license CC-BY 3.0


This is the standard license for OBO foundry ontologies. Please see our attribution page for details of how to acknowledge us.

We respectfully ask that if you do re-use either ontology as the basis for your own ontology development work, you do not mint new URIs following the same pattern as used for these two ontologies.

Anatomy:\d{8} - corresponding to OBO id FBbt:\d{8}. Development:\d{8} - corresponding to OBO id FBdv:\d{8}

The ontologies are available in various forms from for anatomy and for development. Dated releases can be found in subdirectories under these URLs named using the pattern YYYY-MM-DD{a-z}.

The following describes the various available versions, with a mapping to historical versions using an older file naming system:

Full (non-classified) versions

The full versions have terms imported from external ontologies, for example, the anatomy ontology has imported terms from the Gene Ontology Biological Process branch (used to classify anatomical structures by function). Full versions also contain many equivalent class axioms, which are used to infer much of the class hierarchy. They are therefore only really usable with the aid of an OWL reasoner. The expressiveness of both ontologies is almost entirely within OWL2EL and so for almost all purposes, the elk reasoner can be used for both ontologies.

Simple versions

We expect that most end-users will use a simple pre-reasoned version in OBO format. In this version, all inferred classifications are instantiated, all Equivalent Class axioms are relaxed to SubClassOf axiom, and all imported classes (e.g. GO terms) are removed.

Relaxed versions

Relaxed versions are identical to simple versions except that they retain imported classes.

Basic version

Traditionally OBO ontologies were all directed acyclic graphs (DAGs). Much software was built based on assuming a DAG as input along with a variety of other restrictions. In order to provide continued support for this legacy software, we provide -basic.obo version. This conforms to an official OBO sublanguage specification (see link for details). In order to avoid cycles, relations are restricted to part_of and develops_from.

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