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Options for browsing and querying

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Web-based options

  • The Ontology lookup service from the EBI provides one of the best auto-complete algorithms for searching across the whole ontology. * NCBO bioportal also has sophisticated autocomplete and tree browsing.
  • Please see Virtual Fly Brain for neural specific content including annotated 3D image data, queries for neurons by their innervation and fasciculation patterns and queries for phenotype, gene and transgene expression by location.
  • The FlyBase Vocabularies tool can be used to search and browse a range of ontologies including the Drosophila anatomy and development ontolgies
  • COMING SOON! We are working on a Drosophila anatomy ontology specific version of the new AmiGO2 GO browser. This will allow sophisticated, faceted browsing of the ontology, taking advantage of the underlying formal semantics. We are also investigating adding searching and browsing of annotations to this tool.

Desktop based options

  • OBO-Edit Provides sophisticated autocomplete searching along with just about any combinatorial search you can image. It also has great tree & graph browsing capabilities. Please use pre-reasoned (-simple) OBO versions of the ontologies. The latest versions: anatomy, development.
  • Protege4 Allows you to take full advantage of the semantics of the ontologies by running DL queries. See our Query guide for examples.
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