Spell check

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A dictionary for spell checking lives on the repo in external_tools/dictionaries/standard.dict

This should be soft linked to the OBO-Edit standard.dict., with the standard dictionary moved to a backup:


    mv ~/oboedit_config/dict/standard.dict ~/oboedit_config/dict/standard.dict_backup
    ln -s tools/dictionaries/standard.dict ~/oboedit_config/dict/standard.dict


(The standard dictionary is used for historical reasons as the user dictionary on Obo-Edit was broken for many years).

In order to avoid spell check errors triggered by imported terms, spell checking should be done using the -simple.obo version of the ontology (use fbcv-simple from the latest build from Jenkins workspace).  This means that corrections cannot be done in the same OBO-Edit session as checking. A simple way to cope with this is to copy the spell check results from OE into a text document and fix spelling manually in the OBO file (trunk/fbcv-edit.obo or dpo-edit.owl). New terms can simply be added to the dictionary on the repo by manually appending to the end.  Before using the changed dictionary, you should sort and uniq its contents.

Load fbcv-simple.obo in OBO-Edit and go to Tools>Verification manager. Set the checks as shown below and click 'Run manual check now'. See the results in the 'Verification results' tab. 

![Spellcheck settings](images/spellcheck.png)
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