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FlyBrainLab Resources

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  • FlyBrainLab Platform Wiki
  • User Front-end (NeuroMynerva) Wiki


Refer to the Installation section in this repository.


Repository Utility Link
FlyBrainLab Entry Point Docs & Wikis GitHub
FlyBrainLab Docker Image Docker Image for FlyBrainLab DockerHub
NeuroMynerva User Frontend GitHub
FBLClient User Backend GitHub
Neurokernel Computing Engine GitHub
NeuroArch Graph Database GitHub
FFBO Processor Server Backend Component GitHub
NeuroArch Server Server Backend Component GitHub
NLP Server Server Backend Component GitHub
Neurokernel Server Server Backend Component GitHub

Documentation & Tutorials

Latest tutorials can be found in the FlyBrainLab/Tutorials repository.

  • Usage
    • Basic Usage: Getting Started Notebooks
    • Generating Diagrams with FlyBrainLab: Notebook
    • Loading Data into FBL: Structure of Retrieved Data and Loading SWC Files : Notebook
    • Retrieving and Parsing Information on Neurons: Notebook
  • Data Loading
    • in vivo Antenna Recording (electrophysiology): Notebook

Publications & Talks




We’ve included a few publicly available datasets in the NeuroArch database for easy accessibility. Users can also load and use custom datasets with their local FlyBrainLab installations. Default datasets in the FlyBrainLab platform are:

Additionally, we provide a Datasets Version Tracker which includes information about and download links for NeuroArch database.


We encourage users to submit issues to our main issue tracker or use our gitter. For issues or questions specific to a particular component, users can also utilize the issue trackers associated with every repository listed in Repositories.

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