A jQuery Plugin to create highly configurable floating panels, modals, tooltips, hints/notifiers or contextmenus for use in a backend solution and other web applications.
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jsPanel 3.11.1 released 2017-11-22

A jQuery plugin to create highly configurable multifunctional floating panels.

jsPanels can be used as a floating, draggable and resizable panel, modal, tooltip or hint/notifier.


  • I'm working on jsPanel version 4 that does without dependencies (not even jQuery). It's close to beta stage and works with FF, Chrome, Edge, Brave, Opera and Vivaldi. Interested? A demo site is here
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jsPanel homepage: http://jspanel.de

API and examples: http://jspanel.de/api


npm install jspanel3


bower install jspanel3

A few standard example jsPanels

modal jsPanel

stacked modal jsPanels - short demo video on youtube

jsPanels as hints/notifiers - short demo video on youtube

jsPanels as tooltip - short demo video on youtube

some more toolbar examples

Getting started

If you used jsPanel 2.x already please check the API docs for the migration infos on each jsPanel 3.x option/method/property since a few things changed significantly in jsPanel 3.x.


  • jQuery 2.x or 3.x
  • HTML5/CSS3 compatible browser like FF, Chrome, EDGE, Brave and IE11. IE10 and other older browsers are not supported by jsPanel 3.
  • As of version 3.5.0 jQuery ui and jQuery ui touch punch are only required if you still want to use the jQuery ui draggable/resizable interactions

Get the files

Download and extract the jsPanel package to a folder of your choice. You find at least the two folders source and vendor.

The source folder contains all the necessary jsPanel specific files (.js, .css and font). Copy this folder to your project and rename it as you like if necessary.

The vendor folder contains the dependencies jsPanel relies on. Whether you use these files, load them from a CDN or download the desired versions yourself doesn't matter.


jsPanel v3.x is available via CDNJS as well

Include the files

The following example shows a complete html file with the minimium setup:

<!DOCTYPE html>
        <meta charset="utf-8">
        <meta http-equiv="X-UA-Compatible" content="IE=edge">
        <meta name="viewport" content="width=device-width, initial-scale=1.0">
        <title>jsPanel - a jQuery Plugin</title>
        <!--  optional: loading jQuery UI css (which theme doesn't matter regarding jsPanel) -->
        <link rel="stylesheet" href="vendor/jquery-ui-1.12.1.complete/jquery-ui.min.css">
        <!-- loading jsPanel css -->
        <link rel="stylesheet" href="source/jquery.jspanel.css">

        <!-- Your HTML goes here -->

        <!-- loading jQuery -->
        <script src="vendor/jquery-3.1.1.min.js"></script>
        <!-- optional: loading jQuery UI and jQuery UI Touch Punch -->
        <script src="vendor/jquery-ui-1.12.1.complete/jquery-ui.min.js"></script>
        <script src="vendor/jquery.ui.touch-punch.min.js"></script>
        <!-- loading jsPanel javascript -->
        <script src="source/jquery.jspanel-compiled.js"></script>

And then ...

After including all the necessary files in your project you can create a jsPanel like ...

$.jsPanel( options );

// or
var myPanel = $.jsPanel( options );

... where options is an object passing the configuration options to the function.

	position: {
    	my: "left-top",
        at: "left-top"
    contentSize: {
    	width:  600,
        height: 350
    contentAjax: {
    	url:  // some url,
        done: function (data, textStatus, jqXHR, panel) {
        	// the keyword "this" inside the function refers to the panel
        fail: function (jqXHR, textStatus, errorThrown, panel) {
        	//the keyword "this" inside the function refers to the panel
    headerTitle: "my example jsPanel",
    theme:       "rebeccapurple",
    callback: function (panel) {
    	// do whatever you like
        // the keyword "this" inside the callback function refers to the panel

jsPanel options in alphabetical order:

option description πŸ”—
autoclose automatically close a jsPanel after a specified time API
border set border-width and border-style for a jsPanel, border-color is taken from theme API
callback a callback function or array of callback functions API
closeOnEscape enables closeOnEscape for the individual panel (not global as with jsPanel.cloesOnEscape) API
config passes a prepared configuration object API
container the container element to append the jsPanel to API
content content to append to the jsPanel API
contentAjax content to append to the jsPanel using $.ajax(); API
contentIframe appends an iframe to the jsPanel content section and loads the url API
contentOverflow sets the overflow property for the content section API
contentSize sets the size of the content section of the jsPanel API
dblclicks configures doubleclick handlers for header, content and footer sections API
delayClose sets a delay for the actual removal of a panel upon closing it API
dragit configures the buitl-in draggable interaction API
draggable configures the draggable interaction API
footerToolbar configures a toolbar for the footer section API
headerControls configures the controls (close, minimize buttons etc.) API
headerLogo adds a logo to the header bar API
headerTitle sets the title/heading of the jsPanel API
headerRemove removes the complete header section API
headerToolbar configures a toolbar for the header section API
id sets the id attribute for the jsPanel API
maximizedMargin sets margins for a maximized jsPanel API
minimizeTo allows to select a container the minimnized replacement is appanded to or to skip the replacement element API
onbeforeclose sets a hendler for the jspanelbeforeclose event API
onbeforemaximize sets a hendler for the jspanelbeforemaximize event API
onbeforeminimize sets a hendler for the jspanelbeforeminimize event API
onbeforenormalize sets a hendler for the jspanelbeforenormalize event API
onbeforesmallify sets a hendler for the jspanelbeforesmallify event API
onbeforeunsmallify sets a hendler for the jspanelbeforeunsmallify event API
onbeforeresize sets a hendler to call before a panel is resized when using the method .resize() API
onclosed sets a hendler for the jspanelclosed event API
onfronted sets a hendler for the jspanelclosed event API
onmaximized sets a hendler for the jspanelmaximized event API
onminimized sets a hendler for the jspanelminimized event API
onnormalized sets a hendler for the jspanelnormalized event API
onresized sets a hendler for the jspanelresized event API
onsmallified sets a hendler for the jspanelsmallified event API
onunsmallified sets a hendler to call after a smallified jsPanel was unsmallified API
onwindowresize enables responsivenes to a window resize event API
paneltype configures a jsPanel for use as modal, tooltip or hint/notifier API
position sets the position of a jsPanel API
resizeit configures the built-in resizable interaction API
resizable configures the resizable interaction API
rtl set RTL text direction for the complete jsPanel API
setstatus creates a jsPanel with a specified status (maximized, minimized etc.) API
show set an entry animation for the jsPanel API
template assign a modified html template for the jsPanel API
theme assign a theme to the jsPanel (includes support for bootstrap themes) API

jsPanel methods in alphabetical order:

method description πŸ”—
close() closes a jsPanel and removes it from the DOM API
closeChildpanels() closes jsPanels that are appended to the content section of another jsPanel and removes them from the DOM API
contentReload() reloads content of aa exsisting jsPanel API
contentResize() resizes the content section of an exsisting jsPanel API
headerControl() configures individual controls of an exsisting jsPanel API
headerTitle() sets the title of an exsisting jsPanel API
front() gets a jsPanel to the front by manipulating its z-index API
maximize() maximizes an exsisting jsPanel API
minimize() minimizes an exsisting jsPanel API
normalize() normalizes an exsisting jsPanel API
reposition() repositions an exsisting jsPanel API
resize() resizes an exsisting jsPanel API
setTheme() switches the theme of an already existing jsPanel API
smallify() smallifies/unsmallifies an exsisting jsPanel API
toolbarAdd() adds a header or footer toolbar to an exsistinf jsPanel API

jsPanel properties in alphabetical order:

propety decription πŸ”—
content represents the jqueryfied div element holding all the content of the jsPanel API
footer references the jqueryfied div element holding the footer toolbar items API
header references the header section of the jsPanel API
header.logo references the logo container API
header.title references the title element API
header.controls references the container for the controls API
header.toolbar references the header toolbar API
option stores the complete jsPanel configuration object and makes it available for later use API
status the current status of a jsPanel is stored in the data attribute status API

jsPanel events: | API πŸ”—

  • jspanelloaded
  • jspanelstatuschange
  • jspanelbeforeclose
  • jspanelclosed
  • jspanelfronted
  • jspanelbeforemaximize
  • jspanelmaximized
  • jspanelbeforenormalize
  • jspanelnormalized
  • jspanelbeforeminimize
  • jspanelminimized
  • jspanelbeforesmallify
  • jspanelsmallified
  • jspanelsmallifiedmax
  • jspanelbeforeunsmallify
  • jspanelunsmallified
  • jspanelstatuschange

jsPanel defaults: | API πŸ”—

$.jsPanel.defaults = {
    autoclose: false,
    border: false,
    callback: false,
    container: 'body',
    content: false,
    contentAjax: false,
    contentIframe: false,
    contentOverflow: 'hidden',
    contentSize: {
        width: 400,
        height: 200
    custom: false,
    dblclicks: false,
    draggable: {
        handle: 'div.jsPanel-hdr, div.jsPanel-ftr',
        opacity: 0.8
    dragit: {
        axis:        false,
        containment: false,
        handles:     '.jsPanel-titlebar, .jsPanel-ftr.active',
        opacity:     0.8,
        start:       false,
        drag:        false,
        stop:        false,
        disableui:   false
    footerToolbar: false,
    headerControls: {
        buttons: true,
        iconfont: 'jsglyph',
        close: false,
        maximize: false,
        minimize: false,
        normalize: false,
        smallify: false
    headerLogo: false,
    headerRemove: false,
    headerTitle: 'jsPanel',
    headerToolbar: false,
    id: () => `jsPanel-${jsPanel.ID += 1}`,
    maximizedMargin: {
        top: 5,
        right: 5,
        bottom: 5,
        left: 5
    minimizeTo: true,
    onbeforeclose: false,
    onbeforemaximize: false,
    onbeforeminimize: false,
    onbeforenormalize: false,
    onbeforesmallify: false,
    onbeforeunsmallify: false,
    onclosed: false,
    onmaximized: false,
    onminimized: false,
    onnormalized: false,
    onbeforeresize: false,
    onresized: false,
    onsmallified: false,
    onunsmallified: false,
    onfronted: false,
    onwindowresize: false,
    position: {
        my: 'center',
        at: 'center'
    resizable: {
        handles: 'n, e, s, w, ne, se, sw, nw',
        autoHide: false,
        minWidth: 40,
        minHeight: 40
    resizeit: {
        containment: false,
        handles:     'n, e, s, w, ne, se, sw, nw',
        minWidth:    40,
        minHeight:   40,
        maxWidth:    10000,
        maxHeight:   10000,
        start:       false,
        resize:      false,
        stop:        false,
        disableui:   false
    rtl: false,
    setstatus: false,
    show: false,
    template: false,
    theme: 'default'

// deviating defaults for modal jsPanels
$.jsPanel.modaldefaults = {
    draggable: 'disabled',
    dragit: false,
    headerControls: {controls: 'closeonly'},
    position: 'center',
    resizable: 'disabled',
    resizeit: false,
    onwindowresize: true,

// deviating defaults for jsPanel tooltips
$.jsPanel.tooltipdefaults = {
    draggable: 'disabled',
    dragit: false,
    headerControls: {buttons: 'closeonly'},
    position: {fixed: false},
    resizable: disabled,
    resizeit: false,

// deviating defaults for jsPanel hints
$.jsPanel.hintdefaults = {
    autoclose: 8000,
    draggable: 'disabled',
    dragit: false,
    headerControls: {buttons: 'closeonly'},
    resizable: 'disabled',
    resizeit: false,