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  • E-Mail-Envelope should use the PGP encryption standards used by enigmail so that it is possible to read e-mails that where encrypted and signed using enigmail and enable enigmail users to read e-mails that where encrypted and signed using E-Mail-Envelope. # Usability Features
  • The standard way with protecting your private key needs to not involve a password or passphrase as they are much to easily forgotten by users that are hardly able to remember the passwords for their e-mail accounts.

* This leaves us with the possibility to not use any protection for our private key at all or store it on an external USB-Drive. Both these ways still protect us from any online attack on the signed and encrypted messages. They only make it easier for an attacker to get access to our private key when he already got physical access to your computer or compromised it in a way that enables him to read the private key file remotely.

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