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Why not PEAR?

PEAR has a big problem. To use a software over PEAR, it must be released as PEAR-Package. But not every developer wants to create a PEAR-Package for his software.

Also it is quite a much work, if you need software via PEAR for your Projekt, which is not available over PEAR yet, so that you must create an own package with all your needed dependencies.

What do we better?

We serve a general way, to install software into the php include path direct from the source. This means, even from git or svn repositories.

We will provide an interface for using pere in your own projects if you want an individual lib dir.

Usage and so on

we use the wiki for such things, so have a look at it.

There is also a list of known bugs and problems.


Yes, even we have a few dependencies. We are able to install some of them by ourself. Others should be already present.

We need the following:

  • php(>=5.3)
  • svn
  • git

We download the following libraries in a private subfolder.

Naming Note

Yeah, i have thought about the name. to name it Pear Replace should be a joke. I not want to kill pear (who could want such a cruel thing). The consequence is, that if someone asks what pere means, i will say Php Easy Repository Enhancer. Thats way better, because its a wothless boring name noone will remember.