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Releases: Flynntes/Sleeky

Version 2.5.0

27 Jun 04:11
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  • Rewrote the frontend UI in Bootstrap 5

Version 2.4.1

16 Feb 09:55
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  • Disable reCAPTCHA by default
  • Fixed bug where reCAPTCHA would always be called
  • Use global parameter for site URL
  • Spelling and clarity fixes

Version 2.4.0

18 Jan 00:21
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Added Google reCAPTCHA V3 馃帀

Version 2.3.0

11 Jan 04:25
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  • Admin links now hidden on stats page for unauthenticated users
  • Index.php can now be renamed without errors
  • YOURLS debug text no longer cut off in backend

Version 2.2.1

03 Oct 08:30
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Bugfix release! 馃帀


  • Issue #20 - No more button overlaps or weird sizing on mobile
  • Issue #21 - Fixed img css applying to LastPass button
  • Issue #19 - Sleeky now plays a little nicer with other plugins

Note that I've updated the sleeky-backend version number to be in line with the Sleeky version (2.2.1). This will make it look like an old version now in YOURLS as sleeky-backend was previously denoted as version 3. Sorry for any confusion, trying to avoid future confusion here.

Thanks to everyone who submitted a bug report.

Version 2.2.0

24 Jul 09:47
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  • Backend is now mobile responsive
  • Custom URL on the frontend
  • Reworked frontend folder structure
  • Fixed spelling errors

Version 2.1.1

04 Dec 07:33
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  • Fixed issue with gitignore (whoops)
  • Background image in frontend now hidden by default (you can uncomment the line to enable it)
  • Added build task Gruntfile

Version 2.1

07 Nov 06:47
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  • Added options to change background colour or image
  • Removed a bunch of unnecessary files and fonts
  • Update libraries

Sleeky v2

21 Apr 02:57
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Version 2 brings a complete redesign of Sleeky. The frontend now looks a little more polished. Also included with the package is now a backend theme, making your YOURLS admin look just as sleek as the frontend.

Sleeky 1.0.2

03 Oct 07:52
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screen-shot-2015-12-15-at-3 52 36-pm

Wohoo! Sleeky V1! The first major sleeky release brings a sleek (pun intended) new interface to the theme. The theme has also now been moved over to LESS, a fantastic CSS framework that makes writing styles easy and smart. The theme has also been vastly improved on in terms of the back end. The code is a lot simpler and easier to understand. There is also now support for more pages, as the header and footer are now separate files.