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AutoIT Resources

Small & Fast resource page for AutoIT




Type Description
function() Function
$Variable Variable


Directive Description
Global $variable Global Variable
Local $variable Local Variable
Const $variable Static Variable


Directive Description
#Comments Comment on one line
#include Include a file into the script
#NoTrayIcon Hide icon
#OnAutoItStartRegister Set up the first function that will be call when the script will start
#RequireAdmin Force UAC with the script


Not all of them are present here...


Macro Description
@HotKeyPressed Last HotKey pressed
@KBLayout Return Language identifier constant of the keyboard


Macro Description
@AppDataCommonDir Application Data Folder Path
@AppDataDir Romaing Folder Path
@CommonFilesDir Common Files Folder Path
@DesktopCommonDir Desktop Folder Path
@DesktopDir User Desktop Folder Path
@LocalAppDataDir Local Application Data Folder Path.
@ProgramFilesDir ProgramFiles Folder Path
@ScriptDir AutoIT Script Folder Path
@ScriptFullPath @ScriptDir & "" & @ScriptName
@SystemDir System32 Folder Path
@TempDir TEMP Folder Path
@UserProfileDir User Profile Folder Path
@WindowsDir Windows Folder Path
@WorkingDir Working Directory Folder Path


Macro Description
@ComputerName Computer Name \o/
@CPUArch Possible values "X86" 32-bit CPU - "X64" 64-bit CPU
@OSArch Current Architecture used by the Operating System
@OSBuild OS Build Version
@OSLang Language currently used on the Operating System
@OSTYPE Give OS Type
@OSVersion Give OS Version :)


Macro Description
@DesktopDepth Desktop Depth (in pixel)
@DesktopHeight Desktop Height (in pixel)
@DesktopRefresh Desktop Speed Refresh (in Hz)
@DesktopWidth Desktop Width (in pixel)

AutoIT program itself

Macro Description
@AutoItPID Get PID of the script
@AutoItVersion Get AutoIT Version
@AutoItX64 Check if script is running in x64 version
@Compiled Check if script is compiled or no
@ScriptLineNumber Current line of the executed script
@ScriptName Script name currently used

Text / Print

Macro Description
@CR Carriage Return
@LF Return line
@TAB Tab character


Macro Description
@HOUR Current Hour (00-30)
@MDAY Day of the current month (01-31)
@MIN Current Minute (00-59)
@MON Current Month. (01-12)
@MSEC Current Millisecond (000-999)
@SEC Current Second. (00-59)
@WDAY Current Day of the week in an integer number. (1-7) -> Sunday to Saturday.
@YDAY Current Day of the year. (1-365/366).
@YEAR Current Year (YYYY Format)

Logon & User

Macro Description
@LogonDNSDomain DNS Domain Logon.
@LogonDomain Domain Logon.
@LogonServer Server Logon
@UserName Username \o/
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