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The official release information and downloads can be found at:


  • Place this app in owncloud/apps/ownnote (Rename the extracted ZIP to "ownnote" or you will receive errors)
  • Note: custom_csp_policy changes are no longer required

Nextcloud users

This app has been forked and development for Nextcloud can be found here:

Mobile Apps

ownNote for Android in the Google Play store:

ownNote for iOS: In development

Importing from Evernote or other html notes

The import process will take HTML files on your local hard drive and import the images into the notes as Base64. To import notes:

  • Export your notes from Evernote using default settings as individual html files
    • If you are importing notes that are not from Evernote, ensure they use the html extension, not the htm extension.
  • Copy the html files and the folders created containing the images into the /Notes folder in ownCloud
  • Load the Notes listing screen. This will import all of the images into the html notes, and rename them to htm
  • Once the rename has taken place, you can safely delete all the image folders that were copied
    • NOTE: Windows Explorer links the html file to it folder of images. If you delete the folder, Windows will sometimes delete the newly renamed htm file as well. It is recommended you delete the folders from within the Web Interface to be safe.
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