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SPCS: Simple PHP Content Server for Calibre

SPCS, or Simple PHP Content Server, is a PHP based content server that reads directly from the Calibre metadata.db file.

Features include:

  • Support in most major desktop, mobile and Kindle browsers
  • Built-in multi-user login functionality allowing for direct book download to Kindle and Android devices
  • “Send-to” functionality to support Whispersync with Amazon’s Personal Documents feature
  • No need to have Calibre running
  • Sortable results
  • Cover display


Grab the latest zip from the builds directory.


Installation is simple and straightforward:

  • Extract the archive to any folder on a system running PHP. Ensure Pear Mail tools are installed.
  • Edit /include/config.php to your liking.
  • Ensure the metadata.db file AND the folder it resides in is writable by the Apache/IIS user.
  • Visit https:////setup.php to install. This will create a new table (spcs) in your Calibre database with a user “admin” and password “password”.
  • Visit https:/// and login as “admin” with password “password”.
  • Go to settings to change password and Kindle email address.
  • Other users can be set up by using a Sqlite editor like Sqlite Database Browser. Just add a row with a username and blank password, and change it on first login.

NOTE: Downloading with “Basic Authentication” causes problems, thus the included login interface. However, we STRONGLY recommend you force HTTPS/SSL to secure your passwords. Also, this application has NOT undergone strict security testing.

Please pose any questions or discussion to the thread at:


The following variables should be edited before running setup.php for the first time.

Sets the number of results per page:

$results_per_page = 20;

The location of your Calibre DB file (This can be a copy):

$calibre_db = "/files/eBooks/metadata.db";

The location of your books library (include trailing slash):

$books_folder = "/files/eBooks/";

Set this to the book type you wish to use (file extension, all lower case):

$book_type = "mobi";

The email address books are sent from (Ensure this is validated in your Kindle settings):

$from = "";

The server to send emails through:

  'host'      => 'ssl://',
  'port'      => 465,
  'auth'      => true,
  'username'  => 'user',
  'password'  => 'password'


  • Multi-format book download/send
  • Administration console for users
  • Full security test

##Change Log


  • CSS fix for latest Android Chrome


  • Misc. bug fixes
  • Added PDF backup for if primary format isn’t found but PDF is
  • Added “Added” sort, for sorting by books modified or added latest
  • Added “NEW” banner for books added or modified in past week


  • Kindle stylesheet fixes


  • Release


SPCS, or Simple PHP Content Server, is a PHP based content server that reads directly from the Calibre metadata.db file.






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