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A Windows GUI based on Clash
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Clash for Windows

Clash for Windows


  • Clash : A multi-platform & rule-base tunnel, Github
  • ClashX for Mac : A GUI of Clash on macOS, Github
  • Clash for Windows : This project, a GUI of Clash on Windows


Download Clash for Windows

Initial start

The first time you start the software, corresponding dependent files will be automatically downloaded and restarted. The default configuration file provides a simple Shadowsocks local socks5 proxy. Please modify the configuration file according to the actual situation.

Importing profiles

Local file (Drag & Drop)

Remote file (Download from URL)


After Clash for Windows runs, if Disconnected to Clash appears in the lower left corner, it means that the GUI cannot start the Clash core process. Usually, the configuration file is incorrect. You can enter the configuration file directory and open the logs directory. Then select the latest log for troubleshooting.


  • Displaying core information
  • Switching profile
  • Switching policy mode
  • Switching proxy
  • Testing latency
  • Saving logs


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