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This simple tool is able to

  • read a set of Kicad projects and/or schematics
  • extract the list of components
  • apply usual select/sort/filter operations
  • output the result, either on the standard output or in a CSV file

Its goal is to make generating components shopping cart as quick and easy as possible (when used with suppliers' CSV importation tools).


Simply check that python3 is installed, then copy the script somewhere in your path. For example :

sudo cp /usr/local/bin/kicad2bom

How to use

For each component in your Kicad schematic, find on a supplier's website (such as Farnell, Mouser, Digikey, ...) and insert the URL in Kicad's Datasheet field. For example :

Supplier name and reference will be extracted from this URL (only for known suppliers, feel free to add yours).


usage: [-h] [-u] [-a] [--cart] [-m MULTIPLIER] [-o OUTPUT] [-H]
                    [-f FIELDS] [-s SORT] [-d {c,s,t}] [-t] [-N NAME] [-R REF]
                    [-V VALUE] [-F FOOTPRINT] [-S SUPPLIER] [-Z SUPPLIER_REF]
                    schematic [schematic ...]

Reads one or more Kicad schematics and extracts a Bill Of Materials

positional arguments:
  schematic             list of Kicad schematics (.sch) or project folders

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            Show this help message and exit
  -u, --unspecified     Show only components missing a supplier URL
  -a, --all             Show all components, including those with a
                        placeholder (such as "-") instead of the supplier URL
  --cart                Create separate CSV files for each supplier, group by
                        supplier reference, and compute quantities for quick
                        order. -o is ignored, -s defaults to "ref,value" and
                        -f accepts the "qty" field and its default value is
                        Quantity multipliers, to be used in conjonction with
                        --cart. Accepts either one global multiplier, or a
                        comma-separated list of multipliers for each

Output format:
  -o OUTPUT, --output OUTPUT
                        CSV output file name. If missing, result is printed to
  -n, --number          Print the number of components selected
  -H, --no-header       Do not output header
  -f FIELDS, --fields FIELDS
                        Comma-separated list of fields to output among
                        'schematic', 'name', 'ref, 'value', 'footprint',
                        'url', 'supplier' and 'supplier_ref'. Default :
                        ("schematic" field is ommited if only one schematic is
  -s SORT, --sort SORT  Comma-separated list of fields used to sort the
                        result. Default : "schematic,ref"
  -d {c,s,t}, --delimiter {c,s,t}
                        CSV delimiter : c=, s=; t=tabulation. Default : c.
  -t, --no-text-delimiter
                        Do not delimit CSV text fields with "quotes"

  -N NAME, --name NAME  Filter by component name
  -R REF, --ref REF     Filter by reference
  -V VALUE, --value VALUE
                        Filter by value
                        Filter by footprint
  -S SUPPLIER, --supplier SUPPLIER
                        Filter by supplier
  -Z SUPPLIER_REF, --supplier_ref SUPPLIER_REF
                        Filter by supplier reference

All filters accept comma-separated lists, for example : "-V 100nF,1µF,10µF"


Find every component missing a supplier URL :

kicad2bom kicadproject/ -u

Get every capacitor and resistor :

kicad2bom kicadproject/ -N C,R

Get the footprint of every component with 100nF or 1µF value, sorted by footprint and sub-sorted by value :

kicad2bom kicadproject/ -f footprint,ref,value -V 100nf,1µF -s footprint,value

Create different CSV files for each supplier with quantities, ready to order to assemble 7 boards :

kicad2bom kicadproject/ --cart -m 7

Compile multiple schematics to make 5 copies of this multi-board project with 2 spare power boards :

kicad2bom board_power/ board_mcu/ board_antenna/ --cart -m 7,5,5

When manually assembling the board, quickly find every component on the board with any given supplier ref, in order to place them all at once :

kicad2bom kicadproject/ -n -Z 1759037


Feel free to add your own suppliers reference, fix bugs, improve features or correct my English mistakes, I'll gladly accept requests :)


Extract components information from Kicad projects and generate Bills Of Materiels (BOMs)




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