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Useful framework to make Discord bots
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Azarasi Framework

A Discord bot framework built on top of Discord.js to make bot development easier (formerly called FocaBotCore).

npm install --save azarasi

Currently, it provides:

  • A command system with built-in prefix and role checking.
  • A module system with hot-reloading.
  • Basic permission system.
  • Persistent data store (powered by Gun)
  • Localization system
  • Configuration system (per-guild).
  • Built-in audio player (requires FFMPEG).


This is a simple, single-file bot made using Azarasi:

const Azarasi = require('azarasi');

const myBot = new Azarasi({
  prefix: '-',
  token: '[Insert token here]',

// The classic "ping" command
myBot.commands.register('ping', ({ msg }) => {

// Makes the bot repeat something
myBot.commands.register('echo', ({ msg, args }) => {;

// Connect to discord

For a more complex example, check out the example directory.

Bots Using Azarasi Framework

If you want to add your bot to the list, feel free to make a PR or contact me on Discord (TheBITLINK#3141).

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