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FocaBot is an easy to use music bot for discord, it includes most of the commands you would expect for a music but, plus some extras, like a seek command, many audio filters (| nightcore, anyone?), and advanced queue management (move, swap, remove)

It includes some non-music related modules as well, like a tag system, configurable server greetings, Google Images, Danbooru and Imgur search, among other stuff.

It's built on top of the Azarasi framework and Discord.js. It's easy to create your own modules.

Quick Setup

If you want to host the bot yourself, you'll only need these commands (Node.js must be installed):

$ npm install -g focabot
$ focabot

For advanced needs, including sharded setups and custom modules, check the documentation.


To learn more about the available commands and filters, and how to host the bot yourself check the website.

Official discord server

If you have problems with the bot or some feature requests, feel free to come to the official discord server