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This is a repository of various resources related to forecasting and modelling software projects.

Explore the folders for tools and documents. To download, click on the "View Raw" or "Raw" button to download the files. We use GitHub so that we keep revision history and enhancements over time. We are also hoping that the community will help us expand our tools by submitting changes.

If you want to share these resources, use this link:


Throughput, Cycle-time and Work in progress tools: I want to take start date and complete date data and see the top 15 charts to understand and improve our process.

Throughput or Velocity: I want to forecast how long a single feature may take

Multiple Feature Cut Line Forecaster: I want to forecast multiple features at once

Story Count Forecaster: I want to estimate how many total stories are in a project by analyzing just a few sample features or epics

Basic Statistics Worksheet: I want to do analysis on a set of numbers like historical throughput

Capability Matrix: I want to analyze skillset risk of a team

Skill and Dependency Planner: I want to determine where the constraints are in my plans based on over alocating any one skillset or team

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