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Addins List

  • Anotar Simplifies logging through a static class and some IL manipulation.
  • AsyncErrorHandler Integrates error handling into async and TPL code.
  • AutoProperties Extends control over auto-properties, like directly accessing the backing field or intercepting getters and setters.
  • BasicFodyAddin Used to illustrate how to build an addin.
  • Caseless Change string comparisons to be case insensitive.
  • Catel For transforming automatic properties into Catel properties.
  • ConfigureAwait Set the async ConfigureAwait at a global level for all await calls.
  • Costura For embedding references as resources.
  • EmptyConstructor Adds an empty constructor to classes even if a non empty one is defined.
  • Equals Generate Equals, GetHashCode and operators methods from properties.
  • Equatable Generate Equals, GetHashCode and operators methods from explicit annotated fields and properties.
  • ExtraConstraints Facilitates adding constraints for Enum and Delegate to types and methods.
  • InfoOf Provides methodof, propertyof and fieldof equivalents of typeof.
  • InlineIL Provides a way to embed arbitrary IL instructions in existing code.
  • Ionad Replaces static method calls.
  • Janitor Simplifies the implementation of IDisposable.
  • JetBrainsAnnotations Converts all JetBrains ReSharper code annotation attributes to External Annotations.
  • Lazy Automates the plumbing around System.Lazy.
  • LoadAssembliesOnStartup Loads references on startup by using the types in the module initializer.
  • LocalsInit Controls the value of the localsinit flag on methods, to improve the performance of stackalloc for instance.
  • LoggerIsEnabled Adds ILogger.IsEnabled check around the logging statement for the Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.
  • MethodBoundaryAspect Allows to decorate methods and hook into method start, method end and method exceptions (like PostSharp).
  • MethodCache Caches return values of methods decorated with a [Cache] Attribute. Integrates with the .NET Extension IMemoryCache interface.
  • MethodDecorator Decorate arbitrary methods to run code before and after invocation.
  • MethodTimer Injects method timing code.
  • ModuleInit Adds a module initializer to an assembly.
  • NullGuard Adds null argument checks to an assembly.
  • Obsolete Helps keep usages of ObsoleteAttribute consistent.
  • PropertyChanged Injects INotifyPropertyChanged code into properties.
  • PropertyChanging Injects INotifyPropertyChanging code into properties.
  • Publicize Converts non-public members to public hidden members.
  • ReactiveUI.Fody Generates ReactiveUI RaisePropertyChanged notifications for properties and OAPHs.
  • Resourcer Simplifies reading embedded resources from an Assembly.
  • RuntimeNullables Runtime C# 8+ Nullable Reference Type (NRT) contract validation.
  • Someta Offers the ability to intercept methods, properties, and events; inject fields into classes; and inject code inside constructors.
  • SplashScreen Use WPF splash screen as a WPF Control instead of a static bitmap.
  • StampSvn Stamps an assembly with SVN data.
  • Substitute Substitute types with other types to e.g. intercept generated code.
  • SwallowExceptions Swallow Exceptions in targeted methods.
  • Throttle Easily use throttles with minimal coding.
  • ToString Generate ToString method from public properties.
  • Tracer Adds trace-enter and trace-leave log entries for selected methods.
  • Undisposed Debugging tool to track down undisposed objects.
  • Validar Injects IDataErrorInfo or INotifyDataErrorInfo code into a class at compile time.
  • Vandelay Simplifies MEF importing\exporting.
  • Visualize Adds debugger attributes to help visualize objects.
  • Virtuosity Change all members to virtual.
  • WeakEventHandler Changes regular event handlers into weak event handlers by weaving a weak event adapter between source and subscriber.
  • WeakEvents Automatic publishing of weak events via compile time code weaving and a supporting runtime library.
  • With Methods to return copies of immutable objects with one property modified.

No longer maintained

The below addins are no longer maintained. Raise an issue in the specific project to take ownership.

  • ArraySlice ArraySlice allows to build shared memory array views without performance impact. It uses IL manipulation to achieve the fastest implementation.
  • AssertMessage Generates 'message' from sourcecode and adds it to assertion.
  • AutoDependencyProperty Generates WPF DependencyProperty boilerplate from automatic C# properties.
  • AutoLazy Automatically implements the double-checked locking pattern on specified properties and methods.
  • Bindables Converts auto properties into Wpf dependency or attached properties. Allows specifying options, defining readonly properties, and calling property changed methods.
  • Cauldron Provides method, property and field interception. It also provides weavers for Cauldron.Core and Cauldron.Activator.
  • Cilador Write mixins in C# for code reuse without inheritance.
  • Commander Injects ICommand properties and implementations for use in MVVM applications.
  • CryptStr Encrypts literal strings in .NET assemblies.
  • DependencyInjection automatic dependency injection for Ninject, Autofac and Spring.
  • EmptyStringGuard Adds empty string argument checks to an assembly.
  • EnableFaking Allows faking types without writing interfaces for testing purposes only.
  • Expose Exposes members and optionally implements interface of a field declared in class.
  • FactoryId Simplifies the implementation of Factory Method Pattern.
  • Fielder Converts public fields to public properties.
  • Freezable Implements the Freezable pattern.
  • Immutable Creates immutable types.
  • Mixins A mixin is a class that provides a certain functionality to be inherited or reused by a subclass.
  • Mutable Make F# setters for union types and eliminate need for CLIMutable attribute for records.
  • Mvid Adds the ability to specify the assembly MVID (Module Version Id).
  • NameOf Provides strongly typed access to a compile-time string representing the name of a variable, field, property, method, event, enum value, or type.
  • Nancy.ModelPostprocess Modify Nancy models after route execution but before serialization
  • NObservable MobX-like observable state management library with Blazor support.
  • Padded Adds padding to fight the false sharing problem.
  • QueryValidator Validates DB queries during a build.
  • RemoveReference Facilitates removing references in a compiled assembly during a build.
  • RomanticWeb Fody weaver plugin for RomanticWeb instrumentation.
  • Scalpel Strips tests from an assembly.
  • Seal mark all non-virtual(abstract, non-sealed) types as sealed by default.
  • SexyProxy Proxy generator with support for async patterns.
  • Spring Spring constructor configuration.
  • Stamp Stamps an assembly with git data.
  • StaticProxy Proxy Generator, also for .net standard / .net core (.net standard 1.0+).
  • Stiletto Compile-time static analysis and optimization for the Stiletto IoC library.
  • Tail Adds a postfixed method call instruction to recursive calls.
  • TestFlask Records method args and responses to replay, assert and test.
  • Unsealed A Fody weaver to unseal sealed types.
  • Usable Adds using statements for local variables that have been created, and implement IDisposable.
  • YALF Yet Another Logging Framework.