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So recently NotifyPropertyWeaver was deprecated. The reason for this are as follows.

  • Too much duplicate code for me to between NotifyPropertyWeaver and PropertyChanged.Fody
  • Fody provide a much simple upgrade model
  • Fody has some performance improvements over NotifyPropertyWeaver. They were too complex to port into NotifyPropertyWeaver
  • Competing projects was confusing people approaching ILWeaving

So version of NotifyPropertyWeaver now has a built in warning to say it is deprecated and to move over to using Fody+PropertyChanged. Here are the steps to do that conversion.

  1. Select all project with NotifyPropertyWeaver installed
  2. Disable NotifyPropertyWeaver. Project > NotifyPropertyWeaver > Disable
  3. Uninstall NotifyPropertyWeaver. Tools > Options > Installed > NotifyPropertyWeaver > Uninstall
  4. Restart Visual Studio
  5. Add the PropertyChanged nuget package. Install-Package PropertyChanged.Fody. See Using the package manager console for more info.

Feature conversion. There is (almost) a one-to-one mapping of features between NotifyPropertyWeaver and PropertyChanged. Have a look through the doco

If you have any problems/questions create an issue or contact me directly at or