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Fully load a ReproDroid benchmark

  • Download the latest BREW release:
  • Download a ReproDroid benchmark:
  • Extract both downloaded archives: Let us assume %BREW% and %benchmark% refer to the respective extracted archives.
  • Choose the tool for which you want to load the benchmark (for this example we assume it is Amandroid).
  • Copy %benchmark%/results/Amandroid/data to %BREW%/data
  • Start BREW with
  • Click on Next (Green rightarrow in the toolbar)
  • Click on Directory (Ignore parent directory)
  • Select the %benchmark%/benchmark/apks directory
  • If any warnings appear, just click OK
  • Click on Next (Green rightarrow in the toolbar) again
  • Click Yes
  • Inspect the fully loaded benchmark result
    • The lower Statistics pane shows general information such as precision, recall and F-measure
    • Individual results can be reviewed by selecting a case and clicking on Show in Viewer (magnifying glass in toolbar) or pressing v.
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