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#!/usr/bin/env python
"""Google App Engine uses this file to run your Flask application."""
import os
import settings
from utils import adjust_sys_path
if settings.debug:
# Enable ctypes for Jinja debugging
from import HardenedModulesHook
HardenedModulesHook._WHITE_LIST_C_MODULES += ['_ctypes', 'gestalt']
adjust_sys_path(os.path.join('', 'ziplibs'))
from app import create_app
from werkzeug_debugger_appengine import get_debugged_app
from flaskext.csrf import csrf
from gae_mini_profiler import profiler, config as profiler_config
profiler_config.enabled_profiler_emails = settings.admin_emails
app = create_app()
# If we're on the local server, let's enable Flask debugging.
# For more information:
if settings.debug:
app.debug = True
app = get_debugged_app(app)
app = profiler.ProfilerWSGIMiddleware(app)