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Fix Google Cloud Storage heading in the "Advanced Setup" section

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1 parent 10e6b20 commit 442141e81f41065e45116100cb74d1fa65058794 @dbertram dbertram committed Apr 6, 2012
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@@ -33,7 +33,8 @@ Intrigued? Read more about [the motivation behind WebPutty](http://blog.fogcreek
### For page preview images:
- Go to and sign up for an account
- Add these settings to the `url2png` section in
-### To store WebPutty stylesheets on Google Cloud Storage (faster and cheaper than GAE):
+### To store WebPutty stylesheets using Google Cloud Storage (faster and cheaper than GAE):
- Sign up for [Google Cloud Storage]( via [Google's API console](
- Update `google_bucket` and `use_google_cloud_storage` in

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