[ARCHIVED] Desktop App for Offline Titanium Docs
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ARCHIVED: Please use https://github.com/appcelerator-developer-relations/appc-docs-desktop instead

[ARCHIVED] Titanium Docs

The Appcelerator Documentation packaged as a MacOS/Windows/Linux desktop app for fast, offline access. Build using TideSDK and the Continuous Builds of the static online documentation.

How to install

NOTE: I only do MacOS myself. If you want to contribute Linux or Windows builds read How to build and send me the build.


  1. Download the latest DMG from Releases.
  2. Mount the image.
  3. Drag the Titanium Docs app to the Applications folder.
  4. Open Titanium Docs and find a nice spot for it in your dock ;)


  1. Download the latest tgz from Releases.
  2. Unpack somewhere like ~/TiDocs/.
  3. Run the executable in the folder: ./Titanium\ Docs.

How to build

  1. Clone or Download this repository.
  2. Go to http://htmlpreview.github.io/?http://github.com/appcelerator/appc-docs/blob/master/ci.html.
  3. Download the latest Titanium Documentation.
  4. Extract the ZIP and move the contents of the extracted directory to Resources/docs.
  5. In tiapp.xml update <version> with the date in the ZIP filename (2014-11-25_16-10-37).
  6. Edit Resources/docs/latest/index.xml and add style="-webkit-user-select: auto" to the <body> to fix #2.
  7. Follow the TideSDK Getting Started to setup TideSDK on a machine running the same platform you want to build the app for.
  8. Import the downloaded repository as a project in TideSDK Developer.
  9. Go to Test & Package.
  10. Run Package with Runtime.
  11. Use something like Infinite to send the compiled app found in packages/[platform] to mail@fokkezb.nl so I can add it to an existing or new release.

Documentation copyright

© 2008—2014 Appcelerator Inc. All rights reserved. Appcelerator is a registered trademark