A Java ePub reader and parser framework for Android.
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FolioReader-Android is an ePub reader and parser framework written in Java.


  • Custom Fonts
  • Custom Text Size
  • Themes / Day mode / Night mode
  • Text Highlighting
  • List / Edit / Delete Highlights
  • Handle Internal and External Links
  • Portrait / Landscape
  • Reading Time Left / Pages left
  • In-App Dictionary
  • Media Overlays (Sync text rendering with audio playback)
  • TTS - Text to Speech Support
  • Parse epub cover image
  • PDF support
  • Book Search
  • Add Notes to a Highlight
  • Better Documentation


Custom Fonts

Custom fonts

Day and Night Mode

Day night mode

Text Highlighting


Media Overlays

Media Overlay


Add following dependency to your app build.gradle

compile 'com.folioreader:folioreader:0.2.5'


To use FolioReader, you need to call FolioReaderActivity with following parameters: 1. INTENT_EPUB_SOURCE_TYPE - your epub can come from raw or assets folder or from SD card. Use enum FolioActivity.EpubSourceType. 2. INTENT_EPUB_SOURCE_PATH - assets/SD card path of the epub file or raw ID of epub file if epub file is in raw folder

Reading from assets folder

Intent intent = new Intent(HomeActivity.this, FolioActivity.class);
intent.putExtra(FolioActivity.INTENT_EPUB_SOURCE_TYPE, FolioActivity.EpubSourceType.ASSESTS);
intent.putExtra(FolioActivity.INTENT_EPUB_SOURCE_PATH, "epub/The Silver Chair.epub");

Reading from raw folder of resources

Intent intent = new Intent(HomeActivity.this, FolioActivity.class);
intent.putExtra(FolioActivity.INTENT_EPUB_SOURCE_TYPE, FolioActivity.EpubSourceType.RAW);
intent.putExtra(FolioActivity.INTENT_EPUB_SOURCE_PATH, R.raw.adventures);

For reading from SD card, just retrieve absolute path of epub file and pass that in INTENT_EPUB_SOURCE_PATH.


  1. SwipeLayout
  2. ORMLite
  3. SMIL parsing


Heberti Almeida

Mahavir Jain


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FolioReaderKit is available under the BSD license. See the LICENSE file.