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Where to find complete Redis documentation?
This README is just a fast "quick start" document. You can find more detailed
documentation here:
2) Check the 'doc' directory. doc/README.html is a good starting point :)
Building Redis
It is as simple as:
% make
Redis is just a single binary, but if you want to install it you can use
the "make install" target that will copy the binary to /usr/local/bin
by default. You can also use "make PREFIX=/some/other/directory install"
if you wish to use a different destination.
You can run a 32 bit Redis binary using:
% make 32bit
After you build Redis is a good idea to test it (which require Tcl), using:
% make test
Buliding using tcmalloc
tcmalloc is a fast and space efficient implementation (for little objects)
of malloc(). Compiling Redis with it can improve performance and memory
usage. You can read more about it here:
In order to compile Redis with tcmalloc support, install tcmalloc on your system
and then use:
% make USE_TCMALLOC=yes
Note that you can pass any other target to make, as long as you append
USE_TCMALLOC=yes at the end.
Running Redis
To run Redis with the default configuration just type:
% cd src
% ./redis-server
If you want to provide your redis.conf, you have to run it using an additional
parameter (the path of the configuration file):
% cd src
% ./redis-server /path/to/redis.conf
Playing with Redis
You can use redis-cli to play with Redis. Start a redis-server instance,
then in another terminal try the following:
% cd src
% ./redis-cli
redis> ping
redis> set foo bar
redis> get foo
redis> incr mycounter
(integer) 1
redis> incr mycounter
(integer) 2
You can find the list of all the available commands here:
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