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Glyph Select.roboFontExt


Search for glyphs using a variety of parameters:

Glyph Name:
Exact match for glyph name.
Base Name:
Exact match for the basename of the glyph (anything before the first period in a glyph name)
Exact match for the suffix of the glyph name (anything after the first period).
Unicode value
Find exact match for hexadecimal unicode value.
Unicode category
The unicode category groups and individual categories are listed in a dropdown.
You might have to hit enter/return in the dropdown to select an item. These categories are inclusive, so they will match base glyphs and alternates ("number" will match 'zero' and also 'zero.sups').

You can use the following wildcards:

matches everything
matches any single character
matches any character in seq
matches any character not in seq

Then you can manually select glyphs (by default, all search results are selected)

You can perform the following selection manipulations in the current font or in all open fonts:

  • Replace selection with results
  • Add results to selection
  • Subtract results from selection
  • Intersect results and seletion (select glyphs common to both)
  • Print the glyph list to the output window.

This is released under the MIT license. See the the html file inside the extension for more information.