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Overlay UFOs.roboFontExt


In the Current Glyph window, this extension will present an overlay of any glyph behind or beside what you are drawing. You can overlay glyphs from the Current Font or from any UFO.

This does NOT import any data into the background layer. Instead, it renders a outline directly from the source UFO into the glyph window view.

I use this to compare different glyphs within a font, look at a glyph across different styles, or to check for consistency within a family.

  • There is no need to import duplicate data into a background layer.
  • The source outline is always live; when changes are made to the source, they will automatically appear in the current without re-importing.
  • You can add source fonts that are not open in the Robofont UI.

A floating dialog is present to let you select and open source fonts, specify which glyph(s) to display, and select view options such as fill, stroke, color.

Font selection

  • Selecting Source Fonts: By default, the font list contains all currently opened fonts. Click on an individual font in the list to toggle its visibility in the overlay.
  • Adding Other Fonts: You can manually add fonts by pressing the "+" button and selecting a UFO file. To save time and reduce clutter, the UFO will open without a Robofont interface.
  • Reset Font List: The reset button will return the font selection to the default of all open fonts.

Glyph selection

  • Overlay: By default, the extension will overlay all glyphs with the same name as the Current Glyph. If you wish to change this, type any single character or glyph name preceded by a slash in the center text field (just as you would type it in Space Center).
  • Contexts: Using the Left Context and Right Context fields, you can also make glyphs appear on either side of your Current Glyph. These fields will accept one or more characters or glyph names preceded by a slash (just as you would type it in Space Center). Note: the spacing of the contexts currently does not account for kerning.

An screenshot showing contexts in use:

Other View Options

  • Show: A quick way to enable/disable all overlays without closing the extension.
  • Always View Current: When this option is checked, the extension will always overlay the Current Font, regardless of whether it is selected in the font list. This is useful if you switch fonts often, and always want to see contexts from the font you are editing.
  • Fill: Overlay glyphs filled with the selected color.
  • Stroke: Overlay glyphs showing only their outlines in the selected color.
  • Alignment: Choose how the overlays are aligned to the Current Glyph.

This is released under the MIT license. See the the html file inside the extension for more information. Created by David Jonathan Ross and Petr van Blokland.