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In the current glyph window, this extension will unobtrusively display a readout of the unicode character represented by the current glyph, its hex unicode value(s), and the unicode name.

This is especially handy to reference when you are working with hard-to-use glyph names, unfamiliar characters, or alternate glyphs that do not contain unicode values.

If no unicodes are assigned to a glyph, the extension guesses the character(s) it represents by examines the glyph’s base name. It is not perfect, but should be able to approximate character information by interpreting uniXXXX/uXXXXX glyph names and by looking in the Adobe Glyph List. Approximated unicode values are marked with a tilde (~).

The extension will also analyze the glyph name’s suffix and display feature information, such as Small Caps and Stylistic Alternates.

If multiple values are assigned, all values will be shown along with the primary character name. If a glyph represents multiple characters (a ligature, for example), the character string will reflect that.

Installing this extension will activate it; it doesn’t appear in menus.

This is inspired by Frederik’s demo extension, DrawReferenceGlyph.

Released under MIT license.